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Trip reports archive: September, 2011

Hiking photos - Student Camping trip, 2011/09

In September we helped organise camping trips for students from one of Beijing’s international schools. Each group spent two days out, with a night of camping between two days of hiking. Click through to read a write up and see more photos.

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Hiking photos - Bashang Grassland, 2011/09/09

On our last trip to Bashang for the year, we saw the beginning of autumn colours and felt some definitely cooler temperatures! Click through to see photos.

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Hiking photos - Jinshanling Great Wall, 2011/09/21

The Jinshanling section of the Great Wall is one of our favourites: it’s an impressive example of Ming Dynasty Great Wall, it has a mixture of restored and unrestored areas, and it’s far enough out of the city to not be totally crowded. We like this hike for its great combination of historical significance, natural beauty, and good exercise! Click through to see some photos from a visit in September 2011.

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White River Ice Hike, 2017/1/29

White River Ice Hike, 2017/1/29

In Brief: Ten photos from the White River Ice hike.

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