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Trip reports archive: April, 2012

eight banners

Hiking photos – Yajishan Temple Fair, 2012/04/25

Every year, there’s a big temple fair at Yajishan in Pinggu District, and we timed this trip so we could visit the fair before we did our hike. It was well worth a look, with interesting stalls, shows, and sights all over the place - click through to see our photos!

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Hiking photos – Earth Day 2012

We organised several activities for Earth Day in April 2012, including our annual cleanup hike. Click through to see a few photos!

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Mr Mao Orchard

Hiking photos – Mr Mao’s Chestnut Orchard, 2012/04/22

In late April we took a walk in the hills and valleys around our local friend’s chestnut orchards. Click through to see photos of the scenery and other things we spotted out in the hills.

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peach blossom

Hiking photos – Immortal Valley, 2012/04/15

We did our Immortal Valley hike on a nice sunny day in April – click through to see some photos.

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An ornate gate

Hiking photos – Eastern Qing Tombs, 2012/04/08

To the northeast and southwest of Beijing city there are two sites where the tombs of Qing Dynasty Emperors can be found. For this hike, we headed north-east, to the Eastern Qing Tombs, for a hike that took us over the hills to the tombs. Click through to see more photos!

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a tiny moon floating overhead

Hiking photos – Full Moon hike, 2012/04/07

We took advantage of a full moon to go out for a night hike, and, while night photography while hiking is not so easy, we got a couple of shots – click through to see a few photos of the moon and hiking group.

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