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Hiking photos – Nine-Eyes tower and Pizza Hike, 2012/05/26

This hike is one of sweeping views, natural beauty and an enjoyably rustic section of the Great Wall at Jiankou . Even though this hike is a tough one, it’s well worth doing, especially with the prospect of a feast of pizza waiting for us at the end. Click through to see more photos!

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the muscle

Hiking photos – Yoga hike: Silver Pagodas to Lily Village, 2012/05/23

Recently we’ve been started doing yoga hikes—heading out to scenic and serene places in the countryside, and taking a walk to a peaceful spot to do a session or two of yoga. On this trip, we were hiking around the Silver Pagodas area – click through to see some photos.

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Our local guide

Special trip photos – Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, 2012/05

In May we headed out to Gansu Province for a good combination of hiking and visits to culturally significant historic sites. Click through to see Huijie’s excellent photos.

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a well deserved rest break

Hiking photos – Switchback Great Wall, 2012/05/05

Our Switchback Great Wall hike follows an obscure stretch of unrestored Great Wall in Yanqing County. It’s a reasonably short hike, but there’s a lot of climbing to do – click through to see photos from the trail.

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The next morning

Special trip photos – Tengger Desert Lakes, 2012/05

In May we headed out to Inner Mongolia for a trip in the Tengger Desert, a sand desert with endless waves of sand dunes and a surprisingly large amount of lakes. Click through to see photos of the desert, dunes, lakes, and camels.

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The windy Great Wall

Hiking photos – Great Wall Spur, 2012/05/02

One of our first hikes in May 2012 was the Great Wall Spur, an picturesque stretch of unrestored Great Wall in Huairou District. Click through to see the photos!

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rolling hills

Hiking photos – A Long Way to Catch the Train, 2012/05/01

We did our old Long Way to Catch the Train hike on the first day of May, walking through fields and hills and getting a good look at the countryside lifestyle. Click through to see photos of fields, villages, farm animals, and more!

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Hakka Tulou Clusters and Xiamen, Fujian Province, 2014/04

Hakka Tulou Clusters and Xiamen, Fujian Province, 2014/04

In Brief: A four day trip that took us into the mountains of Fujian to explore the tulou buildings of the Hakka people, and to Xiamen to see both ancient and more recent cultural and historical sights.

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