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Trip reports archive: June, 2012

green hills

Special trip photos – Bashang Grasslands, 2012/06

For the Dragon Boat Festival holiday we headed north to the Bashang Grasslands for two days of hiking in the grassy rolling hills. Click through to see our photos!

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Hiking photos - Tengger Desert Trip, 2012/06

The Tengger Desert Lakes trip is one of our most popular long distance trips, with a two-day venture deep into the desert that has us travelling by foot, jeep, and camel! Click through to see photos from our June visit!

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an abandoned village

Hiking photos – Spring Valley Loop, 2012/06/17

We had nice weather for our Spring Valley Loop hike, a shady hike through the woods that gradually works its way up and down the hills and across a ridge that’s crossed by a broken down section of Qin dynasty Great Wall. Click through to see our photos!

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the 15th and 16th centuries

Hiking photos - Gubeikou to Jinshanling Hike, 2012/06/14

This hike starts at the Gubeikou Great Wall and continues to Jinshanling. Most of it is on an unrestored section of Great Wall and as such, tends to get less traffic than recently renovated sections of the Wall. The last section however, at Jinshanling, has been beautifully restored and gives one a good idea of what the wall probably looked like at its height more than 400 years ago. Click through for photos and more!

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Hiking photos - Ming Dynasty Village Overnight, 2012/06/09

On this hike to the Ming Dynasty Village of Cuandixia, our group spent 2 days hiking in the hills in the area and spent a night in the village. The second day’s hike consisted of a long scenic route along ridges and hilltops, which ended in a canyon. Click through to see our photos!

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