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At the end of the hike - Longquanyu Hike, 2014/01/27

Longquanyu Hike, 2014/01/25

On this hike we went out to Changping District to hike a stretch of Great Wall near Longquanyu, and found a shady valley filled with ice that we had to cross to finish the walk. Click through to see some photos!

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Hikers on the , White River ice hike, 2014/01/19

White River Ice Hike, 2014/01/19

This is one of our popular winter hikes, on which we follow a trail through a beautiful gorge and along the frozen White River. Click through to see the photos of ice, cliffs and canyon walls, and the hiking team having a great day out.

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Hikers on the Great Wall - Stone Valley Great Wall, 2014/01/12

Stone Valley Great Wall, 2014/01/12

During the winter of 2013 we went out looking for new hiking trails. Here are some photos from our first ever outing to the Stone Valley Great Wall. Click through to see our photos!

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