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Journey from the West, 2014/10

Journey from the West, 2014/10

Our ‘Journey from the West’ trip is a seven-day adventure along the strand of the Silk Road between Urumqi and Jiayuguan. We do it as a road trip, travelling in jeeps and stopping off to explore all the amazing sights along the way – the ruined city of Jiaohe near Turpan, the Flaming Mountains, the Mogao Grottoes and Crescent Lake at Dunhuang, the fortress at Jiayuguan, and more! Click through to see Huijie’s photos from the trip.

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Yanqing Great Wall and High tower, 2014/09/27

Yanqing Great Wall and High Tower, 2014/09/27

We certainly chose the right day for this hike—the weather was perfect, and the hills were full of autumn colours. The hike took us on and off a rough section of wild Great Wall in Yanqing District, peaking at the High Tower. Click through to see the photos.

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Ming Village overnight, September 2014

Ming Village overnight, September 2014

For this weekender we headed west to Cuandixia, a Ming Dynasty-era village deep in the mountains of Mentougou.

On the first day we did a relatively relaxed walk in the hills nearby the village, needing to save energy for the 26km super hike we had planned for the second day.

With fine weather, this was a great weekend, and our photos tell the story.

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Changyucheng Countryside Opera Performance, 2014/09/21

Changyucheng Walled Village hike and Countryside Opera Performance, 2014/09/21

On this trip we visited the fortified village of Long Valley City, which was built in ancient times, before hiking up the valley behind it through the forest. From the high point of this hike, at a pass, we could see all the way back down the valley to the reservoir where we started, as well as the High Tower and parts of the unrenovated Yanqing Great Wall. 

The Changyucheng Walled Village was a Ming Dynasty outpost and barracks used as a base for the soldiers guarding the nearby Great Wall. Some of the old village walls are still intact, and there are some good hiking trails in the hills above the village that lead up to the Great Wall.

Another fun thing in the village is their amateur opera performance troupe, formed by an elderly resident who used to be a pro back in the day. Every now and again we ask them to organise a performance for us in the town temple - quite a fun show! Click through to see photos from our day out in the hills, including some backstage shots!

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Gubeikou Great Wall, 2014/09/06

Gubeikou Great Wall, 2014/09/06

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday we headed out to the Gubeikou Great Wall for a spot of hiking. The air was clear, and we had lovely views of the Great Wall snaking through the green hills. Click through to see the photos!

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