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Jiankou Pizza hike, 2013/06/15

In Brief: A few shots of our post-hike pizza feast, put on by Gung Ho! Pizza.

Our good friends at Gung Ho! Pizza have a little pizza oven out at their courtyard nearby the Jiankou Great Wall, and were good enough to arrange a feast of pizza for us after we’d come down from the hills.

We did the Nine-Eyes Tower hike, a looping walk up into the hills that peaks at a tower that sits about 1,100m above sea level.

From the tower we headed down again to follow the ‘Big West Wall’ at Jiankou, a stretch of unrestored wall that follows the western ridge of the Jiankou basin.

And after that, it was time to get eating, with pizza prepared on site by John of Gung Ho! Pizza. Fresh and tasty!

We didn’t have time to get any photos of the hiking part of the day, but we got some good shots of the pizza feast. You’ll see them below! Thanks again, John, Jade, and Gung Ho! Pizza. Follow that link to find out more about Gung Ho.

The pizza being put together, Beijing Hikers Pizza hike, 2013/06/15

The pizza being put together.

The pizza oven, Beijing Hikers Pizza hike, 2013/06/15

The pizza oven.

Come and get it!, Beijing Hikers Pizza hike, 2013/06/15

Pizza is served!

courtyard, Beijing Hikers Pizza hike, 2013/06/15

Relaxing in the courtyard.

Another shot, Beijing Hikers Pizza hike, 2013/06/15

Another shot of the courtyard.

The Gung Ho crew put on pizza for us in 2012 as well: see photos from the 2012 pizza hike.

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