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Tanzhesi Temple Hike, 2013/6/15

In Brief: Photos from our look about an abandoned village and Tanzhe Temple.

Tanzhe Temple is one of the oldest temples in Beijing, and it’s well worth a look about.We added some extra fun by exploring a nearby ruined village before our visit to the temple.

We used to visit a different abandoned village close to the temple, but all the interesting old houses are in the process of being knocked down and replaced with what’s going to become the “Yangpoyuan Sightseeing Park”. Not much to look at, in our opinion.

Our local friend said there was a better place to visit. The day before the trip we went out to check, and discovered he was right! The hillside village had plenty of shade, fresh mulberries growing wild, and lots of old, spooky, abandoned houses to look about.

After visiting the village, we headed to Tanzhe Temple for a tour of the temple and nearby Pagoda Forest. Tanzhe Temple is one of the biggest in Beijing’s West Mountains, and there’s been a temple there since the Jin Dynasty (265–420). Successive dynasties repaired and added to the temple, and there’s really a lot to see out there.

Bee farmers, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Bee farmers harvesting fresh honey. They told us they make a seasonal circuit of China, going to places in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, and Shanxi, amongst others.

the village, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Hikers trek in the shade, heading up to the village.

Exploring the village, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Exploring the village, mostly abandoned after residents moved out.

newer buildings., Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Taking a good look from the window of one of the newer buildings.

during war, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Our local guide helped us find these underground tunnels, built to help hide from marauders during war.

cai shan, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

A sandal-wood calendar depicting a local deity of wealth named Cai Shan.

village home, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Hiking guide Tina helping to explore an old village home.

Pagoda Forest, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

At Tanzhe Temple we took a look about a “Pagoda Forest”.

pagodas, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

A closer look at the decorations of one of the pagodas.

inside the temple, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

One of the halls inside the temple.

Hikers observing, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Hikers observing the activities at the temple.

flowers, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Candles shaped like lotus flowers.

good luck, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Making a prayer for good luck.

prayer tree, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Reaching out to touch the prayer tree.

a clear day, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Taking some photos on a clear day.

cup pavilion, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

A family taking a look at the floating cup pavilion. (See next photo for what they’re looking at.)

in the cup, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

The floating cup pavilion was used by the elite during the Jin Dynasty as a sort of drinking game. If a cup floated to a stop in front of you, you had to compose a poem on the spot or drink down all the alcohol contained in the cup.

Tea Shop, Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

This is the Magnolia Tea Shop at the temple.

eat,Beijing Hikers TanzhesiTemple, 2013/06/13

Lunch time after the hike.

Were you on this hike or trip? How did you like it? Please send us your comments about what was good and/or what we could do a better job of. We'd love to hear from you!

Were you not on this trip, but like the look of it? Tell us, and we'll let you know when we'll be repeating it.

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