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In Brief: Find out more about the people who lead the hikes and make sure everything is well organised.

Photo: Sun Huijie

Sun Huijie

General Manager

Huijie took over the operation of Beijing Hikers from her sister in 2003, and has since expanded it immensely. For quite a while she was running everything by herself – handling reservations in between leading three hikes a week, planning and scouting all the hikes, learning English at the same time, the whole lot.

This was quite a change from her original career plan. After getting top scores from the Art and Design Academy of Qinghua University, specialising in fine art and photography, she’d started work as a 3D designer.

She certainly adapted well, and has managed to keep up the art side of things, with an emphasis on Chinese culture – many of the photographs you see on the website are hers, she’s organised a photo show, painting trips and lessons in the countryside, and is always finding ways to incorporate things like Chinese Opera, Tai Chi, paper-cutting, stone-hunting, and visits to historically interesting sites into the hikes and trips.

Photo: Hayden Opie

Hayden Opie

Marketing Manager

Hayden started off as the website manager for Beijing Hikers, and has since become more and more involved with the club, leading the hikes and trips as well as working full-time in the Beijing Hikers office. Working on everything from marketing and service through to leading and scouting trips, Hayden aims to have everything running smoothly, with everyone pleased and happy.

Photo: Yang Yanjing

Yang Yanjing

Hike Leader / Route Development

Yanjing is in charge of leading hikes and finding worthwhile additions to our already extensive repertoire of hiking routes. He has eleven years of experience hiking around Beijing and greater China and has extensive knowledge of many beautiful-but-obscure hiking destinations. As well as ‘regular’ hiking, Yanjing has successfully completed many tough routes, including making a summit of the Haba Snow Mountain in Yunnan, and crossing the Luobupo Desert in Xinjiang (2009).

Office team

BJH office staff photo #1

Mona (L)  Damian (R)

BJH staff photo #2

Hazel (L)  Maggie (R)

BJH staff photo #3

Mr Yang (L)  Ms Li (R)

Hiking guides

BJH staff photo #1

Yang Sheng (L)  Andy (R)

BJH staff photo #2

Millicent (L)  Katie (R)

BJH staff photo #3

Tina (L)  Ying (R)

BJH staff photo #4

Marvin (L)  Kelvin (R)

BJH staff photo #5

Victoria (L)  Felix (R)

BJH staff photo #6

Aini (L)  Yimu (R)

BJH staff photo #7

Abu (L)  Frank (R)

BJH staff photo #8

Lei (L)  Claire (R)

Photo: Gary and Huilin

Gary and Huilin

Sun Huilin and Gary Pinnegar

The Founders of Beijing Hikers

Throughout the 90’s, Huilin and Gary spent most weekends exploring the spectacular scenery and sights of Beijing’s countryside, by foot and by bike. Friends and colleagues heard about their many adventures and wanted in, and so their hobby turned into a hiking club.

The trails around Beijing found by Gary and Huilin are the base of Beijing Hikers’ repertoire, and the sketch maps of the hikes hand-drawn by Huilin, originally an artist, are still used.

Since 2003 Huilin and Gary have lived in Australia, but they come back every now and again, and they still love hiking around Beijing.

Hikes and trips around Beijing and China

We've been leading hikes and trips around Beijing and greater China since 2001. With us, you'll get to interesting and hard-to-reach spots, hassle-free and friendly.

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