Key Staff

We're a small company that does big things. Some of us work full time, some work part time. Some of us work in the office, some of us work on the hikes, and some of us do both.

Photo: Sun Huijie

Sun Huijie

General Manager

Sun Huijie is a graduate of the Fine Arts College of Tsinghua University. An art student, she studied painting at the School of Art and Design of Beijing University of Technology and photography at Capital Normal University. After graduating, Huijie worked as a designer at a Japanese gaming company.

In 2003, Huijie took over the operation of Beijing Hikers. At that time, she was a sole operator. She had to find and maintain hiking trails, plan the hiking schedule, organise the hikes, handle the money, look after hikers – all at the same time as learning English and leading hikes three times a week.

In 2007, Huijie went all in on hiking and registered a company. Since then, Beijing Hikers has expanded immensely. Hard work, but as she says “All the struggles made me a better person. Hiking is a great way to meet new friends, and the feedback we receive from hikers really makes me happy.”

In 2016 Huijie took a break from hiking to become a parent, and is the proud mother of little Hayley.

Photo: Hayden Opie

Hayden Opie

Deputy General Manager

Hayden is a New Zealander who has been working in Beijing since 2004. He is fluent in conversational Chinese.

At Beijing Hikers Hayden focuses on the planning and organisation needed for people to have a safe and enjoyable hiking trip.

In the office, Hayden is responsible for communication with customers, planning and organising small and large outdoor events, as well as the overall office tech and IT infrastructure.

As a hiking guide, Hayden typically hikes at least once a week, leading tough hikes into Beijing’s mountains. He has hiked almost of all Beijing’s Great Wall and major mountains, and in 10+ years at work with Beijing Hikers he has probably done more than 500 hikes.

Outside of work, you’ll find Hayden drinking coffee, reading books, trying to get computers to do useful things, and relaxing with Huijie and their daughter.

In August 2020 Hayden received a ‘Great Wall Hero’ Award from the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau.

Photo: Yang Yanjing

Yang Yanjing

Deputy General Manager

Yang Yanjing is a CMA qualified Outdoor Instructor and sports enthusiast who has accumulated serious mountaineering experience on mountain expeditions, including summiting Haba Snow Mountain and hiking the glaciers of Amne Machin, as well as making a crossing of the Lop Nur desert.

Yanjing joined Beijing Hikers in 2009, after crossing paths with Huijie atop one of Beijing’s highest peaks.

Yanjing’s focus is on organisation and development of treks, trips, and active adventures throughout China.

Office team

Beijing Hikers staff photo #7
Mona (L)  Damian (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #12
Xinyue (L)  Maggie (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #8
Mr Yang (L)  Ms Li (R)

Hiking guides

Beijing Hikers staff photo #13
Yang Sheng (L)  Katie (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #6
Millicent (L)  Wang Ying (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #11
Tina (L)  Victoria (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #4
John (L)  Felix (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #1
Betty (L)  Jenny (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #10
Stephen (L)  Yimu (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #2
Dong Shixin (L)  John (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #5
Marvin (L)  Kelvin (R)
Beijing Hikers staff photo #3
Eva (L)  Xiao Tong (R)

Sun Huilin and Gary Pinnegar

The founders of Beijing Hikers

Photo: Gary and Huilin

Throughout the 90’s, Huilin and Gary spent most weekends exploring the spectacular scenery and sights of Beijing’s countryside, by foot and by bike. Friends and colleagues heard about their many adventures and wanted in, and so their hobby turned into a hiking club.

The trails around Beijing found by Gary and Huilin are the base of Beijing Hikers’ repertoire, and the sketch maps of the hikes hand-drawn by Huilin, originally an artist, are still used.

Since 2003 Huilin and Gary have lived in Australia, but they come back every now and again, and they still love hiking around Beijing.