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In Brief: What's Beijing Hikers all about? We’re all about hiking—mostly around Beijing, but also on trips around China.

Hiking around Beijing

We make it easy for you to get out of the city and into Beijing’s mountains on a day hike or a camping trip. We have hikes and trips every week, all year, and we take care of all the organisation, leaving you free to enjoy the sights and scenery while hiking.

Great Wall hikes
A more adventurous way to see the wall. We’ll take you to unrepaired and obscure sections where we’ll have the wall all to ourselves.
See the Great Wall hikes schedule

Hiking club
Meet other walkers and get some exercise on hikes that explore the countryside of Beijing. If you’ve done all the wall already, we’re ready to show you more. Check out the hillwalking section on our website, and also check out the discounts and benefits you’d get as a member.
See the hillwalking hikes page
Membership discounts and benefits

Private hikes
Any of our hikes and trips can be arranged for you as a private hike. Bring a small group, bring a big group, bring your office buddies or your group of students, bring the dogs—all good. Contact us to set one up.
Private hikes main page

Hiking around China

You can travel with us to other places in China as well, with our favourites being West China’s Silk Road areas and the desert in Inner Mongolia. Just like the hikes, the price is all-inclusive, and round trip flights from Beijing are also included.
See the long distance trip schedule

Events and outings for companies, student groups

Do something a little different for your next team building event—a straight up hike with a big meal of country-style food afterwards, or a walk with some special teambuilding activities in an outdoor context. We do these all the time, and as a registered company we can provide proper tax receipts and fapiao. We’ve got plenty of ideas for you—contact us for an outline.
Private hikes main page

Hikes and trips around Beijing and China

We've been leading hikes and trips around Beijing and greater China since 2001. With us, you'll get to interesting and hard-to-reach spots, hassle-free and friendly.

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Contacting Beijing Hikers

If convenient, use our contact form to get in touch with us – we've set it up so that your questions and comments will be directed to the right person in the office, which will get you a reply more quickly.

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