Special event at the Bashang Grasslands

Organise an event

How can Beijing Hikers help you organise your special event? See some examples.

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Private tours and events for office groups

Customised trips and events for groups of any size

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We can help you with events large and small, organising the entire event or adding our hike- and outdoor-focused expertise as part of a larger event or activity.

The examples below have been chosen to show the kind of work we have covered as part of previous events.

Add a hike to your event, conference, or training session

Trees by Yanqi Lake
Trees by Yanqi Lake. (Click for larger image)

Allow participants to mix and mingle on a relaxing walk before getting serious for your conference or training session.

We can:

  • Help you identify and organise an easy hike that finishes near a suitable conference facility
  • Coordinate with conference facility staff for booking and payment of conference facilities and meal
  • Organise transportation

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Find and arrange accommodation and conference facilities

Find a special location for your annual meeting or retreat.

We can:

  • Offer recommendations for hotels and facilities that fit your requirements, including overnight stays
  • Take you for a site check
  • Coordinate booking and payment for accommodation, food, drink, and conference room facilities
  • Organise round-trip transportation

Large events that include hiking and walking

2015 Hiking Festival Event
2015 Hiking Festival Event. (Click for larger image)

We’ve done annual events for groups of 100-200 people, from 2009–present, contracting to organise part of a larger event as well as organising our own events.

Work areas:

  • Trail identification and production of maps and posters
  • Site checks and trail maintenance
  • Bookings and payments
  • Checkpoints, rest station, medical
  • Transportation
  • Event staffing
  • Work with local contacts for permissions and additional event staff

Company camping weekender

We set up a camping weekender and mini-music festival for an office group.

We took care of:

  • Finding the right location
  • Working with local contacts for permissions
  • Sourcing and supply of camping equipment
  • Food and drinks for 100+ people
  • Extra activities and teambuilding

‘Great Wall 500’

Great Wall 500 for Schenker
Great Wall 500 for Schenker. (Click for larger image)

We helped arrange a photo on the Great Wall at Jinshanling for a group of 500 people who were all in Beijing for a company meeting.

We took care of:

  • Overall organisation and planning
  • Collection and transportation from multiple locations: train station, hotels, and airport
  • Work with local contacts for permissions and photo location on the Great Wall
  • On-site organisation and guidance
  • Sourcing and site checks with photographer