Triangle Hike | Hiking through a chestnut orchard
The hike takes us through chestnut orchards, along dirt trails, and over small hills.

Triangle Hike

See the sights of the countryside on this nice-and-easy hike through Huairou District.

Level 3
3–4 hours of hiking over 11km. (Can I do it?)

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The hike is a modified version of our Triangle Hike, an easy and scenic tramp out in Changping District. We’re walking this route in the opposite direction of what we usually do, starting off close by to a slightly stinky pig farm and walking down a long valley before following a rocky trail up to a ridge lookout.

We’ll head down the other side of the hill, following dirt trails through farmland and orchards on the way to the hills on the other side of the valley. After climbing up the other side of this valley, we’ll come to an old pine tree that marks an old temple site. Nothing remains of the temple, but the tree is still growing happily and there’s a small shrine to the Tiger God. Villagers occasionally leave offerings at the shrine, hoping for enough rain for their crops to grow.

From the pine tree, we’ll head downhill through chestnut orchards towards Lily Village.

An ancient pine tree, near a shrine to the Tiger God
An ancient pine tree, near a shrine to the Tiger God. (Click for larger image)

In the farmland, we usually see locals industriously looking after their chestnut orchards and vegetable patches, but in winter everyone is likely to be inside, out of the cold!  Donkeys are still used for heavy work, but there are also a lot of three-wheeler motorbikes parked around, ready to carry a load of cabbage off to the market.

From Lily Village we follow a concrete road up through chestnut orchards, passing by a few reservoirs on the way to a low pass on a ridge. Crossing the ridge, we head down a narrow gully to reach the farmland on the other side, eventually arriving at a dirt road that will take us out past a hot springs hotel on the way to the bus.

It’s a short drive from there to the countryside restaurant where we’ll have a late lunch before heading back to the city.

Because of the COVID-19 situation we have some extra terms and conditions for participation.

In particular:

  • DO NOT participate if you are sick or showing symptoms of fever and/or have an elevated temperature, or have been in close contact with someone who was.
  • DO NOT participate if you have not completed any required quarantine after your return to Beijing.
  • You MUST agree to the mitigation and prevention measures outlined here and that Beijing Hikers will not be held responsible if any participants become sick.

Please read in full here: Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions

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