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Immortal Valley Loop | The top trail at Immortal Valley
The top trail at Immortal Valley.

Immortal Valley Loop

Hike through and out of a park filled with icy water falls and pools to reach a beautiful ridgeline trail with views of mountains and the Miyun Reservoir.

Level 4
4–5 hours start to finish over 14km (Can I do it?)
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Saturday, February 8

¥390 / ¥350 for members

  1. 8:00am departure from the Liangmaqiao subway area
  2. 8:30am departure from the Lido Metropark Hotel Starbucks
Snacks and drinks provided after the hike.
Park closed—Immortal Valley has been closed since summer, when parts were washed out by heavy rain. We're hoping that they'll be open again in time for this hike, and they say they're just waiting to get official permission from the local government office. If you're interested please sign up, and we'll be in touch in the week before the hike to let you know if we're able to go.

There's a lot to see on our Immortal Valley Loop hike – many pools filled with clear spring water, waterfalls, big trees, wild flowers, some Great Wall, the Miyun Reservoir, and views of valleys and mountains. Much of the valley is shaded, and we will walk by pools and waterfalls that will have frozen into fantastic shapes. This is a really scenic hike in winter because of all the icefalls – take a look through the trip reports at the end of the hike to get a look at what you might see out there.

On the hike we’ll follow a well maintained scenic trail up to an almost-800 metre peak, stopping for breaks along the way, and saving our lunch to eat at the peak while enjoying the view.

The first section of the trail is through a park and is lined trees. A clear stream runs down through the valley, passing large granite boulders, forming natural pools, and flowing off cliffs in waterfalls that are up to twenty metres high. In winter the waterfalls freeze, making a beautiful scenic display. The park is also popular with ice climbers – we will likely spot quite a few teams making their way up the frozen cliffs.

Ice climbers on a frozen waterfall
Ice climbers on a frozen waterfall. (Click for larger image)

After about twenty minutes' walk up the concrete park trail, we'll reach the first of the big falls – fed by water from the small reservoir above, and used for ice climbing when it's all frozen during winter. To get up to where the reservoir is, we climb a steel staircase that is fixed to the cliff face and will take us up to the reservoir above.

From there we continue up Immortal Valley, passing pools of water and caves in the steep cliffs and heading for the shaded valley trail that will take us up to the top.

We'll take a lunch break at the top, and will take our time to enjoy the views – a deep river valley on one side, the Miyun Reservoir on the other side, and mountains all around.

The next part of the hike takes us down a different way, following a pretty path along and down a ridgeline, passing under huge bouldery cliffs and through copses of chestnut trees, pines, and wild apricots.

Eventually we'll join up again with the park trail used by regular visitors, and follow it back down to the carpark where we left our bus.

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