Beijing Hikers in Jetstar Magazine

Jetstar Magazine says “See The Real Wall With Beijing Hikers”

Jetstar Magazine featured us in their article about the best things to do in Beijing, saying “See The Real Wall With Beijing Hikers”. Thanks, Jetstar Magazine and writer Thomas Talhelm!

The word about Beijing Hikers is below; visit the Jetstar website to see Thomas Talhelm&rsdquo;s full list of things to do in Beijing, including Nanluoguxiang and 798.


Reaching the immaculately restored wall at the tourist centres of Badaling and Mutianyu is as easy as hopping on a bus. But getting out to see what the greatest of all walls looks like in its natural state can be a headache without your own car and guide. Thankfully, Beijing Hikers arranges authentic hikes through un-restored sections of the wall and the surrounding countryside with knowledgeable foreign and local guides. “We get to places that are not so much on the tourist radar and make it easy,” says hike leader and marketing manager Hayden Opie. Hikes range in difficulty from bring-the-family strolls to dramatic treks for the true hikers at heart.

From Jetstar Magazine, written by Thomas Talhelm.