Beijing Hikers in Lonely Planet, 2010

Beijing Hikers was recommended in the Lonely Planet Beijing City Guide, 2010.

Lonely Planet recommended Beijing Hikers as "an excellent and convivial way for visitors to get out and see the more remote sights."

Are you wondering if being convivial is a good thing? Us too!

1. Enjoying good company; sociable.
2. Characterized by merry celebrating; festive.

Actually fits quite well!

UPDATE 2014: This was a long time ago, but we're still an excellent (and convivial) way for you to get out and see sights that are more remote and difficult to reach. Even more excellent than before, actually! Our website address has changed since then, and for best results please call the office number (+86 10 6432-2786) instead of the mobile phone listed.

Beijing Hikers in Lonely Planet, 2010

Excellent and convivial!