Beijing Hikers in Lonely Planet 2024

Beijing Hikers in Lonely Planet (2024)

We get a mention in the “14 things you can only do in Beijing” and “5 best day trips from Beijing” write-ups.

Thanks Lonely Planet, much appreciated!

In the 14 things you can do only in Beijing write-up …

3. Go on a wild Great Wall hike

Seeing the Great Wall in its naturally eroded state, snaking away over the ridgelines of mountains with trees erupting from buckled watchtowers, is a sight more fantastical than anything the Game of Thrones art department could dream up.

It takes a bit of planning to skip the cable-car stretches rebuilt for tourists (and avoid the security guards posted at popular wild wall-hiking spots near the city), so it's a good idea to sign up for a day hike with Beijing Hikers. Let them handle the details so you can concentrate on the photographs.

In the 5 best day trips from Beijing write-up …

1. Get out along the Great Wall of China

Travel time: 1–2 hours (one-way)

Snaking along the mist-cloaked mountains into the far distance on its epic 21,196km (13,171-mile) journey, the Great Wall simply does not disappoint. In fact, great doesn't quite cut it – extraordinary, unmissable and astonishing are more fitting superlatives.


How to get to the Great Wall from Beijing:

Badaling is by far the easiest section of the wall to reach, thanks to a new high-speed train that takes only 30 minutes. There's public transport to all the sections, but the route involves a fiddly string of bus connections; instead, aim for one of the direct tourist buses departing from Dongzhimen Transport Hub.

[…] Otherwise, consider joining an organized tour with Beijing Hikers

The 5 best day trips from Beijing article also mentions an “escape to the country at Cuandixia”. You can visit there with us, too!

Visit Cuandixia with a private hike, with group trips to Cuandixia also available.