Beijing Hikers on the Time Out Beijing website

Beijing Hikers featured on the Time Out Beijing website as one of the best local travel agencies.

Time Out magazine was kind enough to feature us in a write up about the best Beijing travel agencies for trips around China. Mentioned in the write up are our trips to the Bashang Grasslands, the Zhangye Danxia Landform, and our Silk Road expedition from Korla to Kashgar.

Here's the relevant part of it; visit the Time Out website to see the photo that goes along with the write up.

Beijing Hikers

Best known for its thrice-weekly day trips out into the wilds around Beijing, this small, friendly company also organises expeditions further afield. From deserts and mountains to grasslands and forests, it offers hiking-focused tours throughout China’s diverse landscapes, with accommodation in three- or four-star hotels and guesthouses. You needn’t be an intrepid mountaineer to join them but, as travellers will typically be trekking three to six hours a day, you’ll need to be in reasonable shape. With fixed departure dates and group sizes normally limited to around 12 people, it’s worth perusing their website well in advance of when you want to travel.

Unique trip The five-day ‘Zhangye Danxia Landform’ tour (from 8,920RMB per person; price includes flights, land transfers, accommodation, entrance tickets and most meals) explores a Han-Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) section of the Great Wall, temples built into a cliff face, cave murals and the fantastically-coloured mountains and cliffs of a little-explored area of sparsely populated Gansu province.

Least expensive trip Promising clean air, long walks through rolling verdant hills and a bonfire under the stars with barbequed lamb, the three-day ‘Bashang Grasslands’ trip (from 1,710RMB; includes buses to and from Bashang, accommodation and most meals) is an ideal weekend break from Beijing. And for those wishing to live out their fantasy of cantering on the steppes, there’s also an option to hire horses for an afternoon (from 50RMB an hour).

Most expensive trip Journeying along one of the less-travelled routes of the Silk Road, the seven-day ‘Korla to Kashgar’ tour (from 17,720RMB; all inclusive) skirts the fringes of the Taklamakan desert, passing through the centuries-old lost city of Subashi, Buddhist rock paintings at the Kizil Caves and finishing up in the old city of Kashgar. Travellers on this tour will also have the chance to hike the Dakziliya Grand Canyon and camp out in the desert.

Thanks, Time Out!

You can see details about these trips and more in the Explore China section of our website.

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