City Weekend Magazine Christmas Gift Extravaganza

Win 1,700 RMB of hiking vouchers in the City Weekend magazine Christmas Gift Extravaganza.

City Weekend magazine Christmas extravaganza, 2014/12

We've contributed a whole heap of hiking vouchers to City Weekend magazine's Christmas gift extravaganza, and you can try to get your hands on them by clicking through to the City Weekend website and answering a not-so-simple question: "Besides hiking, what's your favorite way of experiencing the great outdoors in and around Beijing, and why?"

Link: Win Beijing Hikers hiking vouchers.

Answers are due before December 15. Good luck!

A selection of submitted answers …

“I like to try and make at least 2-3 trips a year out to a section of the Great Wall to stay overnight with friends. There are few places in Beijing that give me that sense of peace and calm as I have felt waking up to the crisp, fresh air and embarking on a morning hike on a part of the wall with no one else but us. Other than weekend escapes out to the Wall (I love the Jiankou section), I love long bike rides with friends on my road bike. One of the best rides I've done was out to Changping, which is very doable if you hire a bus to get you out of the main traffic clog in the city center so that you're just biking through the (mostly) traffic-free mountains outside the city. ”

“Jump on a bike. Not only does it seem to be the fastest way to get around town, but its the easiest way to purposely get lost and find hidden gems of this great city my spouse and I call home! Just because we live inside city limits does not mean we can't enjoy suburban living! ”

“Biking, hiking, skiing you name it. If it's outdoors and fresh I get out there. Best day ever is getting out there on a exploring Beijing adventure!!!! ”