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Trip reports archive: January, 2010

Walking in Intelligence Valley

Hiking photos - Intelligence Valley, 2010/01/31

We headed north into Huairou District, past the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, to the head of Intelligence Valley for a wintertime walk along one of our easier routes. Click through for stats, writeup, and a few photos!

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Hiking photos - Lotus Pond to Mutianyu, Great Wall Spur

Click through to see some shots from the recent Lotus Pond to Mutianyu (2010/01/24) and Great Wall Spur (2010/01/27) hikes.

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Woolly dog in snow

Hiking photos - Rolling Hills, 2010/01/17

This hike in Miyun is an old favorite and took us through some very pretty landscape. There were no major climbs, so we covered a good amount of distance over the course of the day. Click through for photos of snow-covered hills and fields.

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Snow on frozen river

Hiking photos - Longyunshan and White River, 2010/01/16

This hike in Miyun County took us well past the trailheads for the Round Tower Great Wall and Immortal Valley hikes up to the top of Longyunshan. Click here for pictures of our hike above the canyon and along the riverside.

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Immortal Valley

Hiking photos - Immortal Valley Loop, 2010/01/10

Much of the snow between the start of this hike and the highest point had been cleared away by park staff, but the trail we followed back down was still covered, which made for a very interesting descent! Click through for photos and our writeup.

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Hiking photos - Gubeikou to Jinshanling, 2010/01/09

We found a new place to start hiking at Gubeikou, and were able to add an extra hour of Great Wall walking on this visit. With a clear blue skies, light snow on the ground, and no other hikers in the area, this was a particularly fine day of hiking - click through to see the photos and read the stats.

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A snowy path

Hiking photos - Snow Day, 2010/01/03

We had to change our hiking plan on very short notice because of the heavy snow that had fallen overnight and continued to fall throughout the day, but we had quite an adventure out in the Changping countryside. Click here for photos of our snow day.

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Hikers and ribbons

Hiking photos - Hike and Hot Springs, 2010/01/02

Our first hike of the new decade took us out to Changping District for one of our easier hikes followed by a soak at a local hot springs hotel. Click through for photos of the hike and of the delicious meal we ate after warming up in the springs.

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