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Trip reports archive: May, 2010

Great Wall tower of the Zhenbiancheng section of Great Wall

Hiking photos - Zhenbiancheng and Big Plate Great Wall Challenge, 2010/5/15

Of the 18.5 kilometers we hiked, it seemed like we might have been walking on flat ground for just 1km in total. Despite a thick haze as we left the urban area of Beijing, we had breathtaking views of Hebei and the western border of Yanqing County as we tramped for seven and a half hours on the Zhenbiancheng section of the Great Wall. Click through for photos, a write-up, and statistics from the hike.

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Trail through fields

Hiking photos - Quarrymen’s Trail to the Ming Tombs, 2010/05/12

One of our classic routes, this hike took us near the Ming Tombs in Changping District. We explored the nearby mountains before having a quick peek at two of the tombs, Yongling and Deling. Click through for photos and a write up of the hike.

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Trail through fields

Special Trip Photos - Alashan Desert, May 1-4, 2010

In May 2010 we travelled out to the Alashan region of the Gobi Desert on a four day trip through the desert. As well as exploring the dunes and seas of sand, we visited desert lakes and oases, rode camels, visited the Western Xia Imperial Tombs, and hiked in the Helan Mountains. Click through for a selection of Huijie’s photos!

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Miaofengshan Super Loop, 2016/10/22

Miaofengshan Super Loop, 2016/10/22

In Brief: Sixteen pictures from a fall hike in the mountains around Miaofengshan Temple.

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