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Trip reports archive: April, 2011

The flowers, Beijing Hikers Maofengshan to Dajuesi hike

Hiking photos - Miaofengshan to Dajuesi, 2011/04/24

Today’s outing included a visit to a Buddhist temple after a moderately strenuous hike, which allowed us not only to get some exercise and beautiful views of the peaks, valleys, and forest near Vulture Rock Park, but also enabled us to get some cultural exposure and learn about one of Asia’s oldest religions. Click through for photos and more!

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some of the things that people chose to throw out here!, Beijing Hikers Heilongtan hike

Hiking photos - Clean-up Hike at Huangcaoliang, 2011/04/23

In celebration of Earth Day we wanted to do our part to preserve the places we hike in, so we headed out to one of the most beautiful spots we go to and collected garbage left by other, more careless visitors. We encountered some intense weather in the form of a snowstorm that left about two centimeters of snow on the ground! Click through for photos and more!

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The performers, Beijing Hikers Heilongtan hike

Hiking photos - Changyucheng Hike and Opera Performance, 2011/04/20

The village of Changyucheng was an important outpost in the Ming Dynasty. There is Great Wall in the area, and some of the town’s thick walls still remain. After a nice climb up into the hills above the village, we returned to see a performance of Hebei-style opera in the courtyard of the village temple. Click through to see our photos of the performance!

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A view of the reservoir near the top of Longyunshan., Beijing Hikers MSB hike

Hiking photos - Montessori School day trip, 2011/04/17

This was a great spring day for an outing with the children of the Montesorri School of Beijing. For this excursion, we took a route that combined part of the White River walk with a hike up to Longyunshan for beautiful views of the river valley and the surrounding hills. Click through for photos and more!

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Our walk took us past fruit tree orchards, Beijing Hikers Swedish Embassy hike

Hiking photos - Swedish Embassy, 2011/04/14

Today, we had a fine day with nice weather for our outing with the staff of the Swedish embassy. We did one of our popular, relaxing hikes, from Zhuangdaokou to the Ming dynasty walled village that used to house soldiers who were responsible for guarding the nearby section of Great Wall that we hiked on. Click through for photos and more!

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the Great Wall, Beijing Hikers Huanghuacheng-Xiaoxihu hike

Hiking photos - Huanghuacheng to Little West Lake, 2011/04/13

This is a popular hike that visits the Great Wall in an area called Huanghuacheng, which means “Yellow Flower City”. It rises up quickly from a valley to provide hikers with great views of the hills nearby, which at this time of the year are covered with flowering fruit trees. Click through for photos and more!

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, Beijing Hikers Pingyao hike

Hiking photos - Pingyao Trip, April 2011

Near the beginning of April 2011 we took a trip to Shanxi Province to visit the ancient walled city of Pingyao. Click through to see some photos of the city and what we got up to on our visit!

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Donkeys, Beijing Hikers Heilongtan hike

Hiking photos - Mr. Mao’s Chestnut Orchard, 2011/04/06

On this ridge and valley hike, we were accompanied by Mr. Mao, our local guide, as well as Betsy Taylor, a naturalist who introduced us to some of the flora and fauna that we saw. We had a chance to enjoy interesting information, fun exercise, nice weather, and good views, followed by a large lunch! Click through for photos and more!

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Beijing Hikers Wuyuan hike

Hiking photos - Wuyuan, April 2011

In April 2011, we travelled to South China’s Jiangxi Province to look about the county of Wuyuan. Click through for photos of old villages, rivers, and the fields of flowers we hiked through.

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