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Trip reports archive: March, 2012

we get off from the Great Wall start hiking into the dirt paths

Hiking photos – High Tower hike, 2012/03/31

It was a windy day back in March when we did the High Tower hike, a great challenging hike in the hills north-west of the city. Click through to see photos of hills, Great Wall, ice, reservoirs, and villagers.

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Special trip photos – Wuyuan, Jiangxi Prov., 2012/03/23-25

We visited Wuyuan to visit and hike around small riverside villages, and to see the fields of flowers - click through to see photos of some amazing scenery!

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A closeup of the ramparts

Hiking photos – Gubeikou to Jinshanling Great Wall, 2012/03/24

We did the excellent Gubeikou to Jinshanling hike in clear weather on March 24 – click through to see photos of blue sky and Great Wall.

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On this section of unrenovated Great Wall

Hiking photos – Great Wall Spur 2012/03/18

The Great Wall Spur is a fantastic hike at any time of year. It was especially nice in the snow, which turned the surrounding peaks and valleys into a magical winter wonderland. Click through to see photos of the Great Wall covered in snow!

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A great view of a deep valley

Hiking photos – Vulture Rock Park, 2012/03/11

This hike was a moderately strenuous stroll through rolling hills and along ridgelines. We got some good exercise, and beautiful views of the peaks, valleys, and forest near Vulture Rock Park. Click through to see photos from the hike.

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the clear and blue sky

Hiking photos – Gubeikou Great Wall and Hemp Village, 2012/03/10

This hike is a variation on the famous Gubeikou to Jinshanling hike, but finishing with a walk out through Hemp Village instead of continuing to Jinshanling. It’s on an unrestored section of Great Wall and as such, tends to get less traffic than recently renovated sections of the Wall. Click through to see photos and a write up of the hike.

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at the start of the hike

Hiking photos – Lily Village, 2012/03/04

Our Lily Village to the Silver Pagodas hike is a nice easy hike walk the countryside, and on this visit we got good photos of the peaceful countryside after a snowfall – click through to take a look!

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the switchback section

Hiking photos – Switchback Great Wall, 2012/03/03

After a fall of snow the day before, we were unsure if we’d be able to do this hike. Our local contacts said all was ok, so we headed out for a day of tricky hiking on the Great Wall in the snow. Click through to see photos of the wall and hikers in the snow.

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A winter snowscape

Hiking photos – The Rolling Hills, 2012/03/03

Our original plan for this date was to visit Dragon Cloud Mountain, but heavy snow the day before meant that we couldn’t get there. We thought that the easier version of our Rolling Hills hike might be a nice one in the snow, and we were right – click through to see photos!

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