Stone Valley Great Wall | The General’s Tower on the Stone Valley Great Wall.
The General’s Tower on the Stone Valley Great Wall.

Stone Valley Great Wall

Includes a post-hike meal at a countryside restaurant. A moderately difficult hike that follows a line of wild wall up to a tall tower with 360° views of mountains, valleys, small villages, and a long line of wall heading high into the hills. features mellow trails up to the Great Wall. Some steep ups and downs on tricky unrestored ‘wild’ Great Wall.

Level 3+
Some steep climbs up and down on tricky footing. Could be icy in places. 3–4 hours of hiking over approx. 10km. (Can I do it?)
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  1. 8:00am departure from the Liangmaqiao subway area
  2. 8:30am departure from the Lido Metropark Hotel Starbucks
Includes a meal after the hike.

You might be asked to show a green result on your Health Kit/健康宝 app if we run into a village checkpoint.

We begin this hike on the Hebei side of the border and hike back into Beijing.

We’re trying a later departure time for the weekday hikes, but if it works out that the traffic slows us down too much we’ll probably go back to the regular departure times.

We'll begin this hike with a slow climb up a winding valley, passing rocks and old terraces on the way to the dirt trail that will lead us to the Great Wall. On one side, the wall comes down a steep hill; we'll follow it the other way, passing through a tower and taking our time to climb the steps of this section.

Exploring the Great Wall
Exploring the Great Wall. (Click for larger image)

We follow the Great Wall up along a rough and unrestored section all the way up to a 1034m beacon tower known as the General’s Tower, the largest on this line of wall. From up on top of the tower we'll have great views of the surrounding mountains, with more wall seen snaking off into the distance.

After a break at the General’s Tower we’ll continue down the wall. Not far below the General’s Tower there’s a detour off the wall to get around a really rough part. Once we’re back on the wall we’ll follow it around a corner and then step off the Ming Dynasty-era wall to hike along a rough line of what's said to be Northern Qi-era (550–577) Great Wall.

The Northern Qi-era wall cuts across the hills on a ridgeline, offering views of the Ming Dynasty wall on the other side of the valley. The two walls eventually join up again, and we’ll offer the option for you to run up and take a look at the Ming Dynasty Great wall on the other end before we hike down to Stone Valley village to finish the walk.

Because of the COVID-19 situation we have some extra terms and conditions for participation.

In particular:

  • DO NOT participate if you are sick or showing symptoms of fever and/or have an elevated temperature, or have been in close contact with someone who was.
  • DO NOT participate if you have not completed any required quarantine after your return to Beijing.
  • You MUST agree to the mitigation and prevention measures outlined here and that Beijing Hikers will not be held responsible if any participants become sick.

Please read in full here: Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions

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