Great Wall camping | Sunset at the campsite on the Switchback Great Wall camping trip.
Sunset at the campsite on the Switchback Great Wall camping trip.

Camping on the Great Wall

Wake up on the Great Wall on a supported camping trip. Moderately difficult hikes on both days, camp on the wall or in a tower.

Level 3+
Some steep climbs; slippery in a few places. (Can I do it?)
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Private tour: Camping on the Great Wall

For groups of 6+

For cost details please see the table of prices and inclusions

Take a two-day hike on the Great Wall, and set up to spend the night in a tent on the wall or in a tower.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and main supplies and meals; all you’ll need is a day pack to carry your essentials while hiking, leaving you free to enjoy the scenery, sunset, stars, and sunrise as you hike.

We offer camping trips at the Switchback Great Wall and the Gubeikou Great Wall, two locations chosen for lack of crowds and amazing views from the campsite.

Prices and inclusions


* Price on request for smaller groups. Larger groups possible if you’re sharing tents.
Group size 6 7–8 9–12
per person
¥2,300 ¥2,000 ¥1,700


English-speaking Beijing Hikers guide • Round-trip transport in private vehicle from central Beijing • Tickets and entry fees • Bottled water, snacks, main meals • Hiking sticks • Tents and camping gear

Not included: surprise shopping trips.

Switchback Great Wall camping

Relaxing near the campsite
Relaxing near the campsite. (Click for larger image)

On the Switchback Great Wall overnighter you’ll hike a picturesque stretch of the wild Great Wall, and camp at a nice quiet spot high up on the Great Wall in the mountains of Yanqing District.

We're going to take it slow and easy on this hike: the hike to the campsite is fairly short, but there are some steep sections to climb up and down. Plus, there are a lot of places where you'll want to stop to enjoy the views.

If you'd like to do some extra hiking on the first day, it's possible to hike a bit further along the wall after we've set up camp.

On the second day, we'll see how keen you are to explore! There's a steep section of wall nearby, and we'll see how you feel about climbing up to the highest point for even better views.

Choose the Switchback Great Wall camping trip if you want to experience the 'wild' Great Wall, rough and seldom-visited.

Gubeikou Great Wall camping

See sunset from the Great Wall at Gubeikou
See sunset from the Great Wall at Gubeikou. (Click for larger image)

On this two-day Great Wall adventure you’ll hike picturesque stretches of the wild Great Wall and camp in a Great Wall tower at Gubeikou.

On the first day of the trip we’ll explore the Great Wall at Gubeikou, a relatively easy hike that has magnificent views of the Great Wall running through the hills. We'll hike up to the highest tower in the area, and then walk back down to our campsite to cook diner and watch the sun set.

On the second day of the trip we’ll hike on to the Jinshanling Great Wall. We'll hike back up to the high point of the Gubeikou Great Wall, and then head down into the farmland that surrounds Hemp Village. After a 45-60 minute hike through the fields, we'll climb a hill trail to get on to the western end of the Jinshanling Great Wall. We’ll walk all of the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall to finish at the eastern end with a walk down a park trail to the carpark where our bus will meet us.

Choose the Gubeikou Great Wall camping trip if you want a longer hike that covers both repaired and unrepaired 'wild' Great Wall.

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