White River hike | Crossing at one of the fords on the White River
Crossing at one of the fords on the White River.

White River hike

Hike down to the White River and head downstream on trails, gravel tracks, and dirt roads by the riverside, passing below tall cliffs. Great for summer and winter.

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The White River flows down a scenic canyon, and on this hike you’ll see the running river, trees and grass by the riverside, impressive tall and steep cliffs made from massive slabs of rock and boulders, and hopefully the local family of herons that nest high up in the cliffs.

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English-speaking Beijing Hikers guide • Round-trip transport in private vehicle from central Beijing • Tickets and entry fees • Bottled water and snacks • Hiking sticks • Bring your own picnic lunch

Not included: surprise shopping trips.

The hiking trail

The hike begins at a small scenic area that is the starting point of this walk. We'll follow the park trails down to the riverside, walking down through a boulder-filled canyon that narrows near the end.

After arriving by the riverside we’ll be following the river as it winds through a deep and wide canyon with numerous forks and steep rocky cliffs, making this an extremely picturesque hike that is easy to finish.

Just after halfway on the hike we'll stop by a ford in the river for a lunch break. It’s the perfect place for a paddle in the river, weather permitting. In autumn and spring the water is usually a little too chilly. In winter it’s literally freezing. In summer, it’s perfect, unless flooding.

Past the picnic spot it’s an easy walk of about 45–60 minutes to finish.

Hiking down the frozen White River
Hiking down the river in winter. (Click for larger image)

Seasonal variations

In summer, we can follow the paths beside the river or choose to cross several times on the way down.

In the middle of winter, the river freezes over and we can walk on the ice.

At other times, if the water isn't good for walking in or over, we can stay dry by following dirt roads and side trails all the way down.

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