Office team photo before a teambuilding hike

For office groups

Ideas and examples for your office outing—team trips, all-office outings, and teambuilding activities.

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Team outings

For smaller teams: get to know each other in an outdoor environment, out of the office. We'll help you choose a fun hike that meets your requirements—not too difficult, and with sights, scenery, and food to suit your group.

Almost all of our hikes can be customised for a team trip.

All-office outings

Group photo before a hike
Group photo before a hike. (Click for larger image)

We can help you get everybody out of the office for a relaxing day in the countryside. We'll help you pick an easy walk that's scenic and offers options that everybody will enjoy.

Examples of office outings

Teambuilding activities

Office team photo during a teambuilding hike
Office team photo during a teambuilding hike. (Click for larger image)

Try a teambuilding event in an outdoor environment. We'll organise fun teambuilding activities for you, and can arrange conference facilities and meals if requested. And if you don't have time to drive out to the countryside, we know some secluded parks in the city that also offer a great outdoor experience.

Examples of teambuilding trips

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